The activities of the Consortium VESUVIO

a) make proposals for regulatory discipline and carry out advisory tasks relating to the product in question, as well as collaborating in the application of this law;

b) carry out technical assistance, proposal, study, economic-conjuncture assessment of the PDO or PGI, as well as any other activity aimed at enhancing the product from a technical point of view;

c) to collaborate, according to the instructions given by the Ministry, to protect and safeguard the PDO or PGI from abuse, acts of unfair competition, counterfeiting, improper use of protected names and conduct that is prohibited by law; also collaborate with the regions and autonomous provinces for the performance of the activities for which they are responsible;

d) carry out, in relation to the members only, the functions of protection, promotion, enhancement, consumer information and general care of the interests of the relative denomination, as well as supervisory actions to be carried out mainly at the trade stage, in collaboration with the central Inspectorate for the protection of quality and repression of agricultural food products and in connection with the regions and autonomous provinces.

Furthermore, in the interest of all non-member producers, it can (erga omnes activity):

a) defining, after consulting the category representatives of the concerned denomination, the implementation of the supply governance policies, in order to safeguard and protect the quality of the PDO and PGI product, and contribute to a better coordination of the placing on the market of the protected name, as well as defining plans to improve the quality of the product;

b) organize and coordinate the activities of the categories involved in the production and marketing of the PDO or PGI;

c) to act, in all judicial and administrative courts, to protect and safeguard the PDO or PGI and to protect the interests and rights of producers;

d) carry out surveillance, protection and safeguard actions of the name to be carried out mainly at the trade stage.